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Hello Everyone!

My name is Tamara and I am proud to say that I am an Avon representative!  As an Avon representative, I of course have the opportunity to share all of our wonderful products and the opportunity to join a great company with each one of you! But some other wonderful unspoken benefits is the connections I make and the friendships I build.  It is kind of a neat process because you encounter and are exposed to so many people in areas of other interest.  Thus increasing your knowledge as well as your customer base.  I can provide FUNDRAISING opportunities to anyone in need of raising money. I share and demonstrate the value of a skin care regimen.  Another benefit, my possible income is based on what I want to achieve.  But yet, allowing me to have a flexible schedule to home school my daughter all at my discretion. The Avon company has been in existence for a long time and has helped to better the lives of many women and men.  Avon supports great causes like breast cancer awareness and domestic violence.  As you visit my Avon blogs, I hope they are informative and that you find what you are looking for!  Thanks for visiting.  I hope to see you as part of my team or as one of my great customers.

I love the opportunity to sell Avon and to be part of a great team! Im learning that with every bad obstacle a great outcome will follow if you stay firm with a positive attitude and determination. Please share my blog with your friends as I continue on this fabulous Avon journey. My team is built from other great people. Become one of those great people and make money while you do that!

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