How Much Do You Make Selling Avon

How Much Do You Make Selling Avon

There are three different ways you can earn money as an Avon representative.

1. Person to Person Sales – See Avon Earnings Chart

avon earning chart

2. Online Sales from your personal website

3. Leadership -Recruiting others to start their own Avon business

You have the opportunity to earn 0-50% commission on your Avon person to person orders. Unless the product has a star next to it in the brochure. Then it is a set 20% commission. These are usually the logo products. Your person to person commission is based on the size of your order submitted. And you earn 20%-25% commission on your online Sales.

Commission Levels


You have the option of selling your Avon product both ways.

You also have the opportunity to make money by the recruiting others into the business.  Avon offers money incentives based on the performance of your recruit.  Currently, if your recruit places a $100 paid order on their first order, you receive a $25 dollar check. And Avon usually offers other incentives for you as a representative in addition to the $25.  But those incentives change with set dates to accomplish the incentive.

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