Start Selling Avon

Start Selling Avon

Congratulations, I am glad you have decided to sell Avon!   Click on the following link!  You will need your Name, SSN, DOB, Mailing and Shipping Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, and a credit card ready!  A reference code will be already provided for you!  The process will not take very long!  You will be prompted to create your FREE website name.  Easy directions will guide you through!  It is a $15 dollar investment.  You will receive your training kit with everything you need within a few days.  It will be one of the best career decisions you can make! Again, Congratulations! Tamara

Start Selling Avon Now



Avon Opportunity
Avon Opportunity

Current Incentive When You Join!

Avon Periodically adds great incentive to get started in the Avon business.

With your first first five orders, you could in addition to earnings, make $100 in rebates, get 100 free samples, and $100 product bundle.  Requirements are placing an order for your first 5 brochures and paying for it on time.


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